“The world is meant to be seen in real time, with suitcases in hand!” – Vladimir Penev, Bulgarian actor

Gerry Botchoukova-Farkova
Gerry Botchoukova-Farkova    Founder & Editor

~WithLoveFromBG~ is my way of sharing Bulgaria with all of you. Here you will find interesting tidbits of curious information, about a 1,300 year-old country that has remained a mystery for much of the traveling world. You will be surprised & inspired by the cultural and natural wealth of this tiny Balkan state so much so that you might find yourself  adding it to your bucket list! And if this happens, don’t be alarmed, stay calm and know that Bulgaria will welcome you with open arms and not seize to surprise & inspire you until you are airborne again and on your way home.

 ~WithLoveFromBG~ is your local connection to a great cultural adventure. With this blog, I am on a mission to break down some serious stereotypes, answer ANY and ALL of your Bulgaria related questions, and lend an ear to your amazing stories in the land of roses.

Happy Travels & Don’t be Strangers!


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