5 Reasons Why Sofia Is Worth Your Time

Trams in Sofia
Graf Ignatiev Street and the common trams in Sofia by Andrey Andreev

If you are Europe bound this summer, here are 5 reasons why you should NOT skip Sofia!

1. It’s budget friendly! – Sofia is the most budget friendly EU capital and can easily be done on under $25/day. It ranks in the top 4 of the most impressive, yet affordable cities in Europe. Check out: Sofia Serves Up a Healthy Dose of Affordable Travel! (this one is for the budget traveler)

2. Sofia is home to the oldest golden treasure in the world! – Consisting of over 3,000 pieces and over 6,000 years old, the Varna Nekropolis treasure can be seen at the National Museum of History in Sofia. Another spectacular Thracian treasure that you can see while visiting the museum is the Panagyurishte treasure. 

3. Draped in history and culture! – Sofia is one of the most antique European capitals, with ancient villages dating back to 5,000 B.C. Previously known as Serdika & Sredetz, Sofia is settled over 2,800 years ago. Join the staff of Free Sofia Tour on a 2 hour walking tour to uncover the rich and turbulent past of Europe’s 13th largest city and current capital of Bulgaria.

4. Sofia is a garden city! – With over 2,471 acres of the city covered by parks and gardens, you would easily find a shaded bench, most likely than not next to a mineral water spring (there are 49 of them around town) where you could peacefully absorb your surroundings and even enjoy some people-watching. 🙂 To catch the best bird eye view of the capital, head up to Vitosha Mountain National Park, only minutes away from the city center. The night lights bellow, will surely take your breath away.

5. Young, Intelligent & Tolerant! – With 20 out of the 44 universities in Bulgaria located in Sofia, over 40,000 students call this city home and they are hungry for knowledge and fun! That is one reason why you will find 29 museums, 23 theaters, 37 art galleries 31 cinemas, 490 libraries, 116 chitalishta and over 1,400 cultural monuments scattered around town. There surely will be something that will peak your interest. And we will not mind one little bit if you end up bragging to your friends, that you have been to the only European capital that houses on an area of less than 1,100 sq ft (100 sq meters) right in its center, a Christian Orthodox church, a Catholic cathedral, a Synagogue & a Mosque!

Yes, Sofia is truly a one of a kind city and definitely one worth your time!


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VIDEO: Warm welcome to Bulgaria

Free Sofia Tour welcomes guests at Sofia Airport with Bulgarian roses

VIDEO: Bulgaria- The Land of Roses

On May 30th and 31st this year, a young group of volunteers from Sofia Free Tour, welcomed all guests arriving on Terminal 2 at Sofia Airport, with Bulgarian roses from the Rose valley.

Bulgarian roses- Rosa Damascena

What makes this gesture even more special is that this specific kind of rose (Rosa Damascena) is one of Bulgaria’s many natural treasures.

Currently 1kg of its rose oil is sold at a price very close to that of gold! Instead of collecting every drop of it, we welcomed our guests with it, as a sign our appreciation that they are with us. This is just one more reason of why I love Bulgaria!


P.S. Crave more? Our Resources on Bulgaria page is updated regularly & features lots of interesting & useful reads. Check it out! 😉