Bulgaria: The Best Value Destination On The Planet?

Bulgaria: The Best Value Destination On The Planet?

"Bulgarian Leva" by Wandering Earl.com
“Bulgarian Leva” by Wandering Earl.com

When a permanent nomad like Earl from Wandering Earl.com, who has traveled the world non-stop since 1999 announces that “Bulgaria happens to be near the top of my list [as a best value destination] (maybe even at the very top) after my recent experiences” there isn’t much left to do but to believe him.

Click on the link above to read about his very comfortable, and from the looks of it, quite enjoyable five nights/ six days stay in Veliko Tarnovo that ended up costing him mere $210 USD!!! I don’t know about you, but I know of decent number of New York City restaurants where a meal for two with drinks and desert could easily surpass Earl’s expenditures at this destination. And while he does acknowledges that there are a number of other countries that offer such good value for your money, it was the Bulgarian hospitality or as he puts it the fact that the Bulgarian people are extremely warm and welcoming towards foreigners just increases its attractiveness as a travel destination (speaking of attractiveness, Bulgarians have to be some of the most attractive people on the planet!)” pushes Bulgaria to the top of his Best Value Destination” list.

Thank you for your kind words Earl and we look forward to your return to Bulgaria! I hope it falls on a day like today or tomorrow when Free Sofia Tour is once again greeting everyone arriving at Sofia airport and gifting them with the famous Bulgarian rose to welcome them to our country! (just another example of Bulgarian hospitality at work) 


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May-Saturdays have the Travel Bug working overtime

She bit me, AGAIN! Have you been bitten yet?

While enjoying a fresh cup of latte under the morning sun in a very cozy and comfortable spot in our suburban backyard, she struck again! This time with absolutely no consideration for the overly ambitious, productivity focused schedule, that I had so diligently crafted the night before, for the rest of my day.  Within seconds, I had transported myself to Bulgaria. My travel plans this summer will take me there for a month, and now I could not stop thinking about my in-country itinerary. While this will not be my first time in Bulgaria (in fact I was born there and make it a point to go back at least once a year every year) visiting all the places and people that I love and who comprise my “MUST-SEE” list is always a challenge in the time that I have.

Size-wise Bulgaria is not a big country, but it is jam-packed with historical and natural wonders that have shaped the architecture, customs and traditions of the local population. In my daydreaming haze, I can see long tables full with delicious Bulgarian dishes, such as shopska salata (the closest we have to it in the States is Greek salad) and tarator (a refreshing yogurt, cucumber and dill soup- just the thing to cool you on a hot summer day) the ingredients for which were hanging in the host’s garden just a few short hours ago. I can see smiley faces and long embraces, loud toasts  with small glasses of rakia (alcoholic drink you MUST try a sip of) and the words of dobre doshli (welcome) echoing under the grapevines, providing the perfect shade for a long and delicious meal with your favorite Bulgarians. Indeed, May-Saturdays have the travel bug working overtime!

“The world is meant to be seen in real time…with suitcases in hand!”

– Vladimir Penev, Bulgarian actor

Old Town of Kotel in Bulgaria
Old Town of Kotel, Bulgaria by Andrey Andreev

What part of the world are YOU seeing in real time this summer? Share your travel plans bellow and risk becoming the inspiration behind someone else’s unforgetable journeys.


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Sofia Serves Up a Healthy Dose of Affordable Travel! (this one is for the budget traveler)

Vitosha mountain and St Nedelya Church
Vitosha mountain and St Nedelya Church, Sofia, Bulgaria by Andrey Andreev Photography

So you have just finished with your final exams (YAY! Job well done!) and are more than ready to jump into some serious summer adventures, but you do NOT want to break the bank! Is this even possible? YES! Yes it is! And guess what? You are in luck, because I know a place that is as adventurous as they get, guaranteeing you that “summer to remember” experience that you are craving for & at a ridiculously affordable price tag.

So where is this place?! Pull up a map and tucked away in the bottom right hand corner of Europe, locate one of Europe’s best kept secrets: Sofia the capital city of Bulgaria!

Sofia is in the top 4 of the most impressive, yet affordable cities in Europe. It delivers great value for a fraction of the cost that you would find in other European cities (near and far!) yet relatively few have made the journey there and discovered the sparkle of this hidden gem. For What to see?, Where to eat, drink and sleep?, and How to get around? check out Exploring Sofia, Bulgaria for Less than $25 and get packing! 

Happy travels and don’t forget to come back and tell us ALL about it!


(Can’t wait to hear about your time in Sofia. If you have been or are going there this summer, please share your experience with us in the comments bellow.)

*This post is dedicated to baba (grandma), a true Sofian, who would have been 80 today. 

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“This is Bulgaria” – A video journey to an ancient and gorgeous land

I invite you on a minute long journey to wonderful Bulgaria! Click on the link or picture to enter the ancient, mythical, mystifying and naturally beautiful world of a country slightly larger than Tennessee and with a population of less than 8 million. This is one journey that you do not want to miss!

Happy Travels on this sunny Thursday afternoon!

“Това е България!” / “This is Bulgaria!”

Image by: Georgi Hadjiiski


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